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Guided Walking Tour (English)

Saturday, 25. November 2017 | 11:30 - 13:00 | | sold out

After purchasing a ticket you will receive an e-mail in German language containing a link (starting with www.pdf.k3.de/Ticketbuchung…) Please click on the link to access your ticket. Should you have any questions or difficulities in downloading the ticket, please call us at 0049 251 – 459 33.

Join us for a walk through the historic city of Münster and learn how the conflicts between merchants and prince-bishops have left their marks on the city’s overall appereance and architecture over the centuries. Listen to the fascinating tales of the Kingdom of the Anabaptists, as told by landmarks such as the Überwasserkirche with its cut off spire. To this day the church remains headless, as do some of the surrounding statues who fell victim to the reformers reign, which ended in 1536 with their leaders’ execution. The cages in which their bodies were subsequently publically displayed are still hanging from the tower of St. Lambert’s church.
Only a few steps further along the spectacular Prinzipalmarkt you will find yourself at the Historic Townhall, the very location the Peace of Westphalia was negotiated, an event which shaped European history for centuries to come.